Final Donation Amount: $1,165.98 NZD (NZ Dabloons)

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23/6/11 $1165.98 Donated to the Wakatipu Abuse Prevention Network

I met the lovely ladies at WAPN (now called Jigsaw Central Lakes) today and gave Heather the donations that everyone had so kindly bestowed upon me. They were very nice and they found it amazing that so many people had donated so much.

I feel bad that I had taken so long to give them the donations due to my own lack of organisation. To make up for this I have offered them a free website to help them reach more people in the Wakatipu.

I would also like to thank them for taking the time to acknowledge my effort, it was all worth it, and I hope they can put the donations I raised to good use dealing with abuse in the Wakatipu.

Donation to WAPN

Below is the donation receipt, click to see larger

The Donation Recipt

1 Feb 2011

Well here we are pirates! we be raisin together a massive

$1,165.98 NZ DABLOONS!!!

Harrr! that be excellent, and I be contactin me local Wakatipu Abuse Prevention Network (WAPN) representitive, to ask them to collect said dabloons! Pitchaaarrrs to follow...

25 Dec 2010

Harr Merry Christmas ye scurvy dogs!

19 Sept 2010

Yarr! Happy talk like a pirate day!

18th May 2010

Harr been all quiet recently, aye been marooned on an island off the coast of landlubberland, near piratesville tennessee. Got a message in a bottle (e-parrot) from me old man Peter Clarkson who be teachin in Tyne Met College. He be sayin that his kids be scurvy maggots who not believein that his son be a old pirate!

Well i got news for ya kids! ye teacher there may look like an ordinary teacher but he actually be an old retired pirate hand himself! havin crossed the sea in greece in stormy weather with an abandoning crew, he had to circumnavigate the voyage back to the dock wi only 1 first mate remainin, me brother.

Harr mark me words ye better be gettin a good grade in class or me dad will slit ye throat, pirate style!

12th April 2010

Harr a big blistering barnacled thankin ye te all me fellow pirateers that be submiteratin a design!! Aye had me work cut out fer me choosin a good pitcher from all thar great submissions. Thar winner be.....

Matt Russell - Winner!

Pirate ship house winner

Chad S - Second

Second place

Malcolm Glennie - Third

Third Place

Some more awesome entries from dedicated pirate capn's!!


25th Feb 2010

First and only pirate ship house design submission, currently winning:

first submission

Thanks to Jeff Holland for that


17th Feb 2010

Harr mateys!!! Response hars been outlookin good I be gettin a few dabloons in me chest but harrr they be lookin like i be donateratin them to me mini-pirates!

HOWEVARRRR! In case we be buildin this here ship we gonna be needin' some kind of super cool design. I'd be sayin that fer all ye scurvy maggots with a pound and an ounce of design skills we be needin this pirate house to be designed! So here be the decree of a design competition, and the winnarr will be showin off their design on this here site, and be gettin a stay'o'leave in thar pirate ship house (should it be errecterated!)

So be submittin yer submissions by lectric parrot to:

Competition closes midnight 31st March 2010!

1st Jan 2010

Harr mehearties!

Close ye scurvy maggot holes and open ye hairy lugholes. This be the place where ye can find out about the progress on me pirate house, so ye can stop yer stinkin electronic parrots askin me. Har.

So whats the plan? where be the buried treshur? show me pichurs! HAAARR shut ye noise cracks i be tellin ye!!!

Plan A: If I be collectin 2 dabloons from each of ye maggots and totalling a booty of aboot 1.4 million dabloons then I be buyin a pirate plot, an buildin me pirate house from scratch where ye nasty non-shipping consents don't apply harr.

Plan B: If not all ye maggots be plunderin and givin me a dabloon and me booty be less than 1.4 million dabloons, then I be havin a massive pirate party and givin thee booty to me worthy mini-pirates HAARR.

Far be it I be a selfish booty shark with me plunderin's I be sharin me booty with me disadvantaged mini-pirates.

So if ye be feelin a jingle of unneeded dabloons in ye sweaty fist drop em in me treshur chest an we can set sail.